Aerospace Systems Engineer


Basic Steps

1.    Identify the < 10 essential objectives of the system (L0)?
        a.    These are the system's key Use Cases
        b.    Note: Universal Use Cases applicable to every system: Install, Initialize, Operate, FD/FI, Disposal

2.    Identify "a" (not "the") notional L1 architecture?

3.    Perform Use Case Elaboration exercises to determine how the < 10 essential objectives of the system are to be executed by the notional L1 architecture?  .

        a.    Functions allocated to L1 Architectural Elements by Use Case Elaboration exercises are requirements on that element to be captured in the element's Specification.
                i.    Requirement format: Upon X, the L1 Architectural Element shall do Y, within Z.
        b.    Interactions between L1 Architectural Elements identify interfaces to be captured in the L1 Architectural Element ICD.
        c.    Interactions between L1 Architectural Element define Behaviors to be captured in the L0 Operations Concept Document.

4.    Repeat step 2 and 3 for the L2 architecture of the L1 Architectural Elements