Post Christmas Mods

The objectives are to change the "around the mountain twice" route, by separating the mountain loop into two separate routes, a "high route" and a "middle route", in an attempt to reduce the "merry-go-round" feel . In the process, add a larger diameter curve (for drama), and maybe (eventually) double track the "upper and middle main". Which would really just create a larger whole layout loop incorporating the upper and middle.

Test fit of the double main 315 & 282. Should work/fit.

Existing over/under merry-go-round trackage. But I did like the canyon.

Existing station and mainline tracks.
Actually (from left to right: local freight route, station tracks, "upper" main station bypass , local freight into lower main, lower main/lower main (return/reverse loop), yard entrance, and upper main.

Cut through the mountain, removed the canyon track.
Test fit the new "middle route" track, and not quite sweeping curve.

Finally found a use for the shaper sheets (I think).
Intent is to have a rolling hillside look.
Gonna be pretty tight to accomplish that.

Weights are to hold the shaper sheets down during gluing.
Sweeping curve, not quite there yet. Its going to have to cross over one or more of the lower tracks. Bridge or tunnel? Probably depend on the radius I can get.

Another test fit on the sweeping curve. Too close to middle and upper routes to have a hillside, but I like the sweep. 481mm 15* curves with 29mm straights.

Got the sweeper laid out enough to glue the risers. The Mainline behind the station now has a sweeping curve and a long gentle decline from the high route. It's really a combination of a 318/481 section, 1/2 straight into a greater than 481 section, another 1/2 straight, and a final greater than 481 into the mainline straight. A compromise.
And its still going to be very tight for scenery.