Wheel Cleaning

I hate cleaning wheels, but they are probably my #1 cause of derailments.
The Lux wheel cleaning track looked pretty good, but at $200+ a bit pricey.
A read about some fellas using strips of paper/fabric on their layouts with good results.
I decided to prototype the concept, or at least test the approach,…


The wet strip, isopropyl alcohol, stays in place quite well with out any additional attachment.
The dry strip needed a couple of push pins. But they both held up to the initial trial of several laps of a longish passenger train (Kato) and a med sized freight (mostly Bachmann and Microtrains).
Tried a squirt for CRC contact cleaner, which really seamed to work, based on the gunk left on the track between the wet and dry strips.
Ran the track cleaning car afterwards.

Great Train Expo/Show

Picked up a Centerline Track Cleaning Car.
Simple little device. Seems to help clean the rails.
But, I need a vacuum car to pick up the debris.

2015-02-28 19.23.46