Operational Layout phase 2

Well, maybe phase 1+

Received the track from Fifer Hobby Supply, but one of the #4 turnouts was faulty. One of the switch blades fails to move sufficiently to contact the track. This is not the normal #4 tuning situation it appears the switch blade is loose at its pivot.  Definitely more play that the other blade, at the pivot point.
Not an electrical issue, switch motor throws the lever fine, but the blade will not connect.  In other words same behavior manual or electric.
Contacted FHS and they have no problem with returning. They mentioned they had seen this from Kato, and that Kato was very good about making the exchanges.

So we have a big (well, 8' x 7') double loop, with one double crossover, a two track terminal and a partial siding/rural-station track.


Construction Milestone!

Milestone of progress with the construction phase

The "Duck-Under" bridge

Basic structure and functionality is there.
Need to level and position laterally (which will require some tweaking)

An Ebay addition - string of ore cars


The Yard Module

15" x 5'
Need to level the surface (somehow), the track work is designed, but purchse and actual install will be "later".


That polyiso foam is crap.
The covering doesn't remove well, it is not flat (many depressions across surface) and its expensive.


Removed the track and 2 switches from the siding modules. Scraped one module because my attempt to level the surface of the polyiso foam had made it much worse. The original modules, I think we sized wrong. They should be 310 mm. exactly the same as the ballast of the Kato straight + the 62 mm (1/4). One of the T-Trak sources had said 308 mm. I think that's wrong. But, cutting the 2" foam with the sharpened putty knife is not very "accurate" - very diffucult to be precise.


I believe the module constructon phase, and bench work, is complete! Thank gawd. My least favorite part.
Ordered enough track to finish the loop.
I think that's


operational Phase 3 Rev A

1st Operational Layout!

1st Operational Layout