NW Corner

NW Transition Corner

I think Sir Toppenhat's Mansion will perch up here. Overlooking his station. While the trains rumble through the tunnel below.
Or maybe the once grand mansion is now restored as a museum and the surrounding area's now a park?
Hmmm, his lawn looks a bit scruffy.


Geomorphology 2

North West Corner

This piece is a transition between the Urban Station Scene and the Rural Station Scene.
Yeah, kinda a perceptual leap of faith.


The urban side

will be a cut stone retaining wall and double portal. Right up against the end of the urban terminal. Maybe some city buildings, or industry?, above the portal.
The transition to rural will be wooded.

The rural side

will have a more rustic (blasted rock, or wooden) double portal. Would be nice to have a single portal, but tricky siding switchwork already. And, it seems the double track (T-Trak standard) kinda forces ya into double portals. We'll see more tweaking/experimenting yet to come.