December Layout

layout Dec 2014

Tweaks for Operations

Gfx_Sacto Dec 7 2014

Layout Operations

On & Off

Combined route - 3 stations 
Grand Median Station
Luke&Nick Station
Rural Station

High Route - 1 Station
Grand Median Station

Lower Main -2 stations
Luke&Nick Station
Rural Station

Mixed Freight to AD track
sort to industry tracks
- Mill Track - logs and emptys
- Rural Freight - boxcars
- Milk Depot - Boxcars
- Industry 1 - Boxcars?
- Industry 2 - Boxcars
- Shipping Dock - Boxcars

Lumber Mill
logs to mill pond
empty flats to mill siding
Lumber Loads to docks

Rural Freight
standby load & unload

Warehouse district
load & unload - needs dedicated siding(s)

Station Spur
dedicated switcher?

Milk Depot
empty boxcars in
loaded boxcars out

Industry 1
empty boxcars in
loaded boxcars out

Industry 2
empty boxcars in
loaded boxcars out

Shipping Dock
empty & loaded boxcars in
empty & loaded boxcars out

Layout Snapshot

Slowly incorporating remote control of Switches via JMRI.

Switch Kat

and DS64

Nov 2014

TrackPlan SnapShot

Sacto mod

Laying down track

Need a bit more track.
Some foam risers.
DCC control.
Some trains.
Build some mountains, and structures, etc., etc., etc., ...

Top Route

Ordered the tightest radius curves Kato makes for the attempt at a mining and logging short line.
As the Top route. (cuz the high route is going so well.)