Station Passengers

Wow, I need more people! These n scale bits are small!



On the back burner till I get some "people" to populate the station.

Station Work


The green Passenger station "module" is on 1/4" plank that will sit on top 2 std and one corner modules (slightly recessed 1/4")
passenger-station-sub-module Operationally better with the double crossover to the right, but will have to wait for the gorilla racks (bench work). img_5497 img_5502 img_5500

Station parts

The box of station canopy parts arrived.
Previous owner had weathered two sets of them. Not bad. The rest were clean spares.
Rough fit for ideas, the off to kit-bashing.

Station Canopy?

Train Station

A Hornby train shed canopy gets worked in.
It's 00 gauge, but I think we can make it work. Platforms may be too large, may cut lengthwise.
Canopy may cover the yard run (green) track? screen-shot-2013-06-05-at-5.54.32-pm
(Note; Swapped the double crossover to the right of the 2x switching module. Seems to be a better egress/exit flow. makes the station tracks too short, tho.)
FAIL - Hornby OO canopy much too large. Back to drawingboard.

Station Module

Passenger Station
Needs to be longer to hold the 4 car trains.

# Element Description 5 20-000 Standard Straight L=248mm 6 20-040 1/4 Straight L=62mm 2 20-047 Bumper (Wood) L=62mm 2 20-220 Electric #4 Turnout left 15°, R=481mm, L=127mm