Track plans

Post Xmas Mod - Track and Road Bed

Well, the track and roadbed are in and operational. Trains are running, but geomorphology and scenicing still needed.
Where's Nick when I need some foam carved? :-)

The new double track bridges and makeshift support. We'll get to that "later".

A bit abrupt and steps, but workable.

Double track on the grade hidden behind Kragle.

Post Christmas Mods

The objectives are to change the "around the mountain twice" route, by separating the mountain loop into two separate routes, a "high route" and a "middle route", in an attempt to reduce the "merry-go-round" feel . In the process, add a larger diameter curve (for drama), and maybe (eventually) double track the "upper and middle main". Which would really just create a larger whole layout loop incorporating the upper and middle.

Test fit of the double main 315 & 282. Should work/fit.

Existing over/under merry-go-round trackage. But I did like the canyon.

Existing station and mainline tracks.
Actually (from left to right: local freight route, station tracks, "upper" main station bypass , local freight into lower main, lower main/lower main (return/reverse loop), yard entrance, and upper main.

Cut through the mountain, removed the canyon track.
Test fit the new "middle route" track, and not quite sweeping curve.

Finally found a use for the shaper sheets (I think).
Intent is to have a rolling hillside look.
Gonna be pretty tight to accomplish that.

Weights are to hold the shaper sheets down during gluing.
Sweeping curve, not quite there yet. Its going to have to cross over one or more of the lower tracks. Bridge or tunnel? Probably depend on the radius I can get.

Another test fit on the sweeping curve. Too close to middle and upper routes to have a hillside, but I like the sweep. 481mm 15* curves with 29mm straights.

Got the sweeper laid out enough to glue the risers. The Mainline behind the station now has a sweeping curve and a long gentle decline from the high route. It's really a combination of a 318/481 section, 1/2 straight into a greater than 481 section, another 1/2 straight, and a final greater than 481 into the mainline straight. A compromise.
And its still going to be very tight for scenery.

New Kragle

Round 2

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.26.27 AM


Building New Kragle

Tinkering with New Kragle Options


1. Separate the station from "downtown".
2. Keep the city silhouette backdrop in a Bellinadrop approach.
3. Incorporate a mirror.
4. Road/street based structure.
5. Districts: Downtown, skid row, Wharehouse/factory, Industry.
6. Removable, for service, modules.

Round 1


Some Minor Expansion

Before & In-Progress


Feb 2015 Track Update

Well, with the major scenicking update more or less done, it must be time to tweak the track plans,…

Gfx_Sacto ops Feb 2015

Got tired of cleaning the local freight track, so decided to make it a loop so the trains can polish the rails with their traffic. Well thats the plan. ;-)
Added a double crossover wher the local/yard line connected to the lower main west of the river. Repurposing the two #6 turnouts to replace the crapy #4's in the local line. Extended the local line from Kragle, through the incline, and connecting to the local/yard line before the tunnel, thus making a third loop. This freed up another #6 which provides acess to two new industry spurs inside the lower main loopback.
  1. Mountain Loop
  2. Upper Main Loop
  3. Lower Main Loop
  4. Local Loop

B, C & D can be run as one.
B & C can be run as one.
C & D can be run as one.

December Layout

layout Dec 2014

Layout Snapshot

Slowly incorporating remote control of Switches via JMRI.

Switch Kat

and DS64

Nov 2014

yard do over

Amazingly resiliant stuff this Kato trackage!


TrackPlan SnapShot

Sacto mod

Laying down track

Need a bit more track.
Some foam risers.
DCC control.
Some trains.
Build some mountains, and structures, etc., etc., etc., ...

Idle Hands,...

Latest incarnation,...

Sacto mod

full circle?

Latest plan looks more like the what I was thinking originaly?!

Sacto maybe

Too much time

This forced downtime and the potential of the new train Cave Cellar have given me the opportunity to rethink the layout.
Sacto testbed image

Tweaking the West Module

Well,… decided the engineering of the "Top Route" was getting unnecessarily complicated with the racks and "West Module" standing out from the wall so,… after some RaillModeler fiddling, the West Module is now attached to the wall (disconnectable) and the loopback is eliminated. It seems that this new configuration makes for more realistic and interesting operations capability.
  1. Dock Spur
  2. Barge
  3. Mill
  4. Quarry/Mine Chute
  5. Mill
  6. Passenger Terminal in City (2 spurs)
  7. Log Transfer (planned)

Update Jul 30 '13 image

Today's Planning Quandary

working Jul 15 '13

3 "Super Modules"

  1. The Yard Module (15x60)
  2. The Urban Module (18x60)
  3. The West Module (32x48)
At some point an "upper" module probably just for short logging trains

Issues to Resolve:

The current modules were built over-tall. The yard module is of reasonable height, the existing "Siding" and "Urban" modules will be scrapped, but the 4 corners will need to be addressed,…
  • Incorporate into "Super Modules" - limits flexibility (but is that an issue?)
  • Rebuild - worth a try. cut out a section of foam and re glue. <==
  • Build new - (I don't like building modules)
  • Use as is - would need to block up the modules.


My "goal" design has evolved to some form of finality but I am begining to recognize that the T-Trak modules are too small for a home layout.

working Jul 10 &#39;13 image

Modified (hybrid) Approach

Incorporate the "siding" modules into a new large 36" deep module which will include a new South Loopback (with an industry or two), and also support a segment of the high route track.

High Route

Start the high route off the outside "mainline" in the Yard module and reconnect with the inside "mainline", after a double crossover in the "city", connecting on the "duck-under" "bridge".
Still some "magic happens here" for the supports of the high route corners.

Siding change

Rather than a siding (third track) I think may be better to use one of the dual track "mains" as a Station/Service/Siding track. Really allows both "mains" to serve as siding.

More Modules, Yard

Glued up 2 more single modules.
Ordered legs. Still quite a few hurricane nuts, but used up the legs, already!
Cut and assembled Yard module 4' x 15"


Station Canopy?

Train Station

A Hornby train shed canopy gets worked in.
It's 00 gauge, but I think we can make it work. Platforms may be too large, may cut lengthwise.
Canopy may cover the yard run (green) track? screen-shot-2013-06-05-at-5.54.32-pm
(Note; Swapped the double crossover to the right of the 2x switching module. Seems to be a better egress/exit flow. makes the station tracks too short, tho.)
FAIL - Hornby OO canopy much too large. Back to drawingboard.

Siding Modules

Passing Siding
Track layout
Key elements are, use of the 60mm straight, and not using the 64mm pieces!


Station Module

Passenger Station
Needs to be longer to hold the 4 car trains.

# Element Description 5 20-000 Standard Straight L=248mm 6 20-040 1/4 Straight L=62mm 2 20-047 Bumper (Wood) L=62mm 2 20-220 Electric #4 Turnout left 15°, R=481mm, L=127mm

Layout evolution

Layout Evolution


Track layout


Starting Point

Planning Ideas for a New Train Cellar Layout

Goal An N scale layout in the 10' x 10' train Cellar corner of the cellar. But, the O guage Lionel will have to go.
Starting from an N scale T-Trak approach

Original Plan

Pre T-Trak plan
n-rev-3-pict Kept the general concept